After All - Percy Hill


“Autumn still comes and brings me to tears again and again,” goes the line on “Lap of Luxury”, a back-half standout on Percy Hill’s “After All”.

This album is special to me. “Tears again and again” special.

My buddy Calvin showed me Percy Hill sometime between 2006 and 2008 on a show choir trip, I think it was. Calvin has introduced me more good music than I can remember (Jamiroquai, BT, Me’Shell NdegéOcello among many others [super special crushingly funky bonus track: ("The Womb/The Way")[] but I’m particularly indebted to him for Percy Hill. This album has had staying power for me in a way that few albums do.

I can listen to this album straight through, no skips, multiple times on end. That’s no exaggeration. This one is a “desert island” album of mine. It lives with albums in my top 10 from Radiohead, M83, Mew, Ben Kenney and The Dear Hunter (look at the list to guess which ones :-)).

Percy Hill has been compared favorably to Steely Dan, and I think the comparison is apt. They both age well, they’re both like totes chill brah, and they are both as tight as…well, you get the idea. After All is like a smoother, jazzier Umphrey’s McGee. Where Umphrey’s rocks (In The Kitchen, etc) Percy Hill just floats.

What always gets me about both Percy Hill albums is their genuineness. “After All” and “Color In Bloom” have a feeling of real empathy within their playfulness. Percy Hill didn’t play to get cheap bar band chuckles. They played to make people happy, and that’s as admirable a goal in life as any.

Sounds like: Love.

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P.S. I tired telling a girl about this band once. She thought I said “Pussy Hill". That was a fun conversation.