In Foxholes We Dug Ourselves - The Fifteenth


I don’t even remember how I found this album. Then again, that could be the MSG talking. I’m sitting here, eating a crepe, and I feel like I’ve been drugged.

I would compare this album favorably with anything from The Format or Copeland. It’s that same playful, sparkling indie-pop. If that isn’t your thing, I would bet 100 dollars (American) that you will not like this album. The vocals will annoy you.

But I like it. And, seeing as this is my list, and not yours, asshole, I’m going to proceed with my prepared remarks.

I do remember roughly when I found this album. It was last year. It was Senior year. At the house known affectionately as “The Nightmare” (or “The Briar Patch”, if you’re a real OG).

This album was a favorite of mine for probably 3 weeks. Every day I would wake up before class or work and death-march to the shower with my laptop. I would open my laptop, and I would play this album. I would then proceed to sing along with this album until I realized I was going to be late for whatever function I needed to attend. It went like this for weeks, and the album never lost its novelty. The cooing and male-female duet vocals were soothing for some reason.

I also credit this album for really helping me open up to singing. I love singing, but I’m shit at it. This album was like permission to sing along. Plus, everyone sounds better in the shower.

Sounds like: waking up on a chilly day in warm covers

I can’t find a single track from this album on Youtube, so I got you the next best thing:

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