Rules of the Road


***DISCLAIMER for Tunisians: This post is for people in the U.S. Americans are too accustomed to things like “speed limits” and “lane markings” and “turn signals”. Don’t be offended. Americans are spoiled. Your country is lovely.

This list was prepared during one single taxi ride, on my way home from work. It details the U.S. traffic infractions I witnessed in that 25 minutes.

-crossing a double line
-following too close
-driving at night without lights on
-making a right turn around a car that was already in the right lane, while smiling
-not wearing seatbelt
-driving on the shoulder (and on the shoulder’s shoulder)
-changing lanes without signaling (or looking, for that matter)
-creating a lane between two lanes, and driving that way for miles
-too many people in a car
-stopping in the intersection (might as well have set up a tent in the intersection)
-running a red light
-u-turn in the middle of the road
-stopping on the entrance/exit ramp