Hold Your Color - Pendulum


I can say with a good deal of confidence that my hearing has been diminished due to Pendulum’s Hold Your Colour. I found this doozy sometime ago on OiNK, probably on the Top 10 or a Staff Pick, and just rolled from there. Calvin and I use to cruise around attempting to destroy his subwoofer with this jam, and that sub HAS to be worse for it.

The intro is fucking goofy. It’s a disembodied voice reading some goofy Carl Sagan-type shit. You might get goosebumps, you might laugh, but it will get your attention. I’m putting it here in its entirety just so you can read it and get an idea of where this is going: “Somewhere out there in the vast nothingness of space…somewhere far away in space and time…staring upward at the gleaming stars in the obsidian sky…were marooned on a small island…in an endless sea…confined to a tiny spit of sand…unable to escape…but tonight…on this small planet…on earth…we’re going to rock civilization”.

That’s how the albums starts. Forgive Pendulum for that indulgence, if you would. The next track is worth it. “Slam”, which is without question one of the loudest, hardest hitting bangers of the 2000-2010 decade, rocks like something possessed. “That’s all I have to say about that,” Forrest Gump said.

My personal highlights include “Plasticworld”, the title track “Hold Your Colour”, and “Sounds of Life”.

Some would say this is a good stepping stone to better DnB. For some reason, this album has attracted a lot of hate. Maybe people see Pendulum as the Skrillex of DnB. Mass appeal, not especially “challenging” in terms of musicality, easy to get one’s ass moving. I’m not sure these traits are bad if the underlying musical soul is genuine. I feel that this is the case for Hold Your Colour. Personally, Pendulum is how I found a lot of the great stuff on Hospital Records, like Danny Byrd (who I also love).

It’s true that the formula on Hold Your Colour isn’t especially complicated, but why should that matter? Lots of Amen break, fatty screaming leads, lush pads you could nap on, and headache inducing bass. Sure, it’s been done before elsewhere. For this record, taken as a whole, I believe you’ll find yourself thinking: is that so wrong?

Sounds like: The last party on a dying moon colony.

Special bonus track: The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

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