Carencro - Marc Broussard


“Baby, I’m so into you.” I’m me, and this album is baby.

My introduction to Marc Broussard was junior year of high school, when we played “Home” in show choir. I remember that song being a real banger, and eventually one of us downloaded the rest of “Carencro” to check out.

Boy, was that ever a fortunate download.

Carencro is Louisiana-bayou twang, slow cooked, sprinkled with a touch of Purdie Shuffle (

What is surprising to me about this record - listen after listen - is how easily it combines pop hooks and shimmery vocals with some of the funkiest beats and bass this side of Steely Dan and Meshell Ndegeocello. This record is appealing whether you’re a fan of Robert Randolph or listen to Top 40 radio. It’s that good.

“Home”, “Rock Steady” and “Come Around” bring the heat, while “Hope For Me Yet” is more of a traditional love song. “Saturday” will pique the ears of anybody who has heard Jamiroquai’s killer “Dynamite”, with its flute, shaker, and wah-wah guitar.

For some reason I get a vague Blues Brothers feel from this record. I haven’t ever seen Broussard live and I don’t know anyone who has, but I imagine his shows are a high energy, packed-stage affair à la George Clinton (who I have seen). Do yourself a favor. Grab this one and go to funkytown.

Sounds like: The real reason we fought the Civil War.

Bonus: Our Show Choir version of “Home"

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