Dynamite - Jamiroquai


I’ll get the bad shit out of the way: I hate the title track of this album. It sucks. I’m not sure how that happened, but it did, and I’m not happy about it. Moving on.

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats, and prepare to bliss out on some neo-70s string pads, move-your-ass bass, and Stevie Wonder-style wizardry. With some thrift-store leisure suits and the right chemical encouragement, you and your buddies could make a night out of this thing.

Jamiroquai’s dynamite “Dynamite” dovetails nicely with my previous job: Marc Broussard’s brilliant “Carencro”. Just like Broussard’s, it’s funky, it’s thick, and it gets the job done. Let me say that again: THICK.

Present in the background of this whole thing are bass lines that are so cool they were probably cooling their heels with Joe Biden in Mexico last winter (thank you, Onion). Basslines like that tend to attract the wrong kind of attention, ya ken?

My picks on this bad boy are “Black Devil Car” (the rockiest and cowbelliest track here), Starchild (keyboards and string runs all night), and “Seven Days In Sunny June”. That shit just floats. “Feels Just Like It Should” is another one of those “how did they make such a fucking great opening track” moments. It’s really that great. There’s a crazy disco vibe on “Electric Mistress”, too. Calvin loved “Time Won’t Wait”, so I’ll throw that one down here as well. Does anyone doubt how deeply Calvin shaped my musical taste?

Jamiroquai - at least this album - is like some weird Steely Dan meets Michael Jackson shit. Like I said before, THICK, but it feels decidedly studio. I’ve seen a pretty decent amount of live music, and I’m not sure how well Dynamite would sound live. Not that it really matters: the amount of energy on this studio album put most live shows to shame. Listen to the sample track. If you don’t like it, you’re probably this guy.

Sounds like: that one time you danced so funky you ended up wearing her pants.

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