Songs About Jane - Maroon 5


I’m pretty sure Maroon 5 got me laid.

Yes, you read that right. “This Love” was, if I am remembering correctly, the second song I learned after picking up a bass guitar. If you know the story and follow the causality long enough, you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, most of the unearned hate for Maroon 5 stems from two sources:

  1. An irrational hatred of pop music; and 2. Outrageously high expectations.

If you have an irrational hatred of pop music, you will never, ever like music like Songs About Jane. If you think you are tuning in to music where Jesus croons Sinatra, Gabriel is the bassist, Mohammed is grooving on the skins, and The Hindu One is shredding something nasty, you will be disappointed.

If, on the other hand, you are open to hearing pop love songs with a surprising amount of funk, you will be impressed.

“The Sun” has a funky drum groove and some crazy chorus-affected guitar, while everyone knows “Harder To Breathe” ruled the airwaves for years because it is one of the catchiest songs ever written.

Playing with another band in high school, we killed the annual Winter Formal half-time concert by abiding by the age old adage of show music: “play music that will get the ladies moving.” Maroon 5 does just that. Our double-feature of the John Mayer version of “Bold as Love” wrapped with our extended take on “Harder to Breathe” made the room slightly more humid, if I may say so.

Maroon 5 worked for me. It might work for you. Lighten up and enjoy pop music, won’t you?

Sounds like: a good excuse to play bass guitar and alter the course of the universe.

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