Putting The Days To Bed - The Long Winters


I saw these guys at Austin City Limits in 2006 (lineup here [http://www.jambase.com/Articles/8520/AUSTIN-CITY-LIMITS-2006]), and I have trouble listening to this album without memories of the festival jumping into my head. My uncle making hilarious drug-related jokes, Explosions In The Sky screeching into the sunset, and John Mayer playing a burning night set. It was a good festival.

The Long Winters play great, straight-ahead indie rock. The impression that I get is that it’s a group of dudes having a good time, which is why it’s so easy to listen to. We’d all be well to do as much.

“Fire Island, AK” is a phenomenally well-written song, up there with any of the greats. “Clouds” is a filled with licks of witticism: “False prophecy doesn’t mean prophecies are true” and “Don’t try to write your name in the clouds from the ground”. Sage advice.

Sounds like: 2006.

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