As Tall As Lions - As Tall As Lions


Warm morning sun. Showing up to class late, the headphones taking caffeine’s place. That’s this album.

3 Autumns ago. Complex to Confer-Vickner in 3 minutes (

I was late so often that I got a D in “class participation", despite being the only one who read or talked. I didn’t sleep much in those days. I taught myself to use a camera during all those late nights, which got me a job at The Gustavian Weekly. The books, I think, have crept back into the black.

The class was for my major, and yet, all I can remember is As Tall As Lions’ “Love, Love, Love (Love Love)", “Ghost of New York", “Song for Luna", and “Stab City".

I’m sure that there was a point to all this, but I only remember waking up with As Tall As Lions.

Sounds like: the cure for being chronically underslept

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