Discovery - Daft Punk


Let’s be real—there are maybe four songs anyone actually listens to on this album: One More Time, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Too Long, and the one that matters, Digital Love.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not religious.

That said, I have a profound relationship with the song Digital Love. This series of album recollections (Here) has been nothing if not a shameless exercise in solipsistic memory association, and Digital Love is, I’m proud to say, no different.

I would play Digital Love every time I crested the St. Peter city limits after returning to college from a holiday or break in Omaha.

I don’t have synesthesia, but I sometimes wish I did. This song feels like optimism. It feels like a different kind of home. My time at Gustavus was complicated - as I’m sure was everyone’s - and despite the negativity I sometimes feel about the place, this song has the power to make me smile every single damn time I emerge from the tunnel of trees on Highway 169. Thank you, Gustavus.

Sounds like: Subaru, windows down, stereo up, St. Peter, smile.

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