The Bends - Radiohead


“The Bends”: slang for the sickness suffered by divers when sudden decompression causes nitrogen bubbles to form in the body’s tissues, resulting in pain, weakness, and sometimes death.

Everyone knows the story of this album. Radiohead blew up with their single “Creep”, and their success had a catastrophic effect on Thom Yorke, who thought the whole thing was shit. Can you blame him?

I think they’re better for it, because it caused them to write a killer record. 1995’s The Bends is one of the most solid front-to-back records I know. Really, if you can find filler on this record, I’d love to hear about it.

From “My Iron Lung”, to “Fake Plastic Trees”; to “Bones” and “Just”, and then what I firmly believe are the best three ending tracks of any album, ever, this one just does it right.

This whole disc is one big “fuck you.” And it’s exactly what Radiohead needed.

Sounds like: “we’re not going anywhere.”

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