Song Review - Anne - John Frusciante


John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame is also something of a prolific little bugger even when not on company time.

He has produced…I don’t know how many solo albums. So what if most of them are noodly fiddling? There are upsides to almost everything (except Butter Burgers, in which case the inverse is true: there is no downside).

From his album Curtains, “Anne” is something of an oddity. Bars of 6/8 alternate with standard time, and there really isn’t much more than a man and his guitar, often spaced out with a liberal degree of isolation.

The real money of the track - the zenith - starts to hit you at 1:36 of the way in to a 3:35 song. I think I overspoke. It isn’t the zenith, or loudest part of the song by any stretch, as electric guitar enters a bit later to lend a bit of pepper, but the caesura and break at 1:36 so compelled me on first listen that I kept the track on repeat and couldn’t even make it to the end most of the time.

Like so many other great songs, that moment of clarity when it rounds the corner cries out for enjoyment. The killer riff to kick into the meat of Van Halen’s “Panama” or the thundering 8th note tom-toms leading into M83’s “Steve McQueen” are other examples. Despite being the shy kid of the bunch, Frusciante’s “Anne” captivates.

Sounds like: summer camp, for some reason

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