A Strange Education - Cinematics


It’s strange how we happen upon and find joy new music. A friend accidentally leaves behind a mix CD. You adapt your crush’s preference in hopes of carrying favor. That song you heard on the radio turned out to be not that bad.

Sometime in high school I went to a show at The Rock in Papillion, Nebraska. The headliner was a band called Mute Math. I haven’t listened to them in years but I enjoyed them quite a bit at the time.

Also playing at the show were two other bands: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and The Cinematics.

Boris Yeltsin, despite having an excellent name, turned out to be drivelously boring indie crap. The Cinematics, hailing all the way from Scotland, were engaging far beyond what the smallish venue should have allowed, and they promptly earned themselves a spot in my rotation.

All throughout college, I spun The Cinematics’ A Strange Education whenever I would have to cross the Southern Minnesota-Northern Iowa tundra that separates Omaha and St. Peter. The album lives on in a particularly travel-themed place in my mind, and I love to give it spins in the car with the windows down.

How a group of Scots not much older than I ended up in Papillion, I’ll never know.

Sounds like: Marquee Moon + a faster, perkier Interpol

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