Live Friday The 13th - Maroon 5


You might think: “There are three Maroon 5 albums on this list. What’s the obsession with tepid adult alternative?”

I would disagree with that assessment. Maroon 5, at least in their early incarnation, was more than just Top 40 radio hits. I believe that this is evident in the progression from poppy love songs on “Songs About Jane” to the shimmery funk on “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”. “Live: Friday The 13th” is telling as a stepping stone between the two. You start see a band that can actually play a live show, and not a bad one at that.

Of course you can maintain that the live show is mostly about young females cooing at frontman Adam Levine. This is partially true (and you can hear it on the record), but listening to “Live” you start to hear a band that isn’t just playing the album cut. The arrangements are thick, the groove is tight. “Sweetest Goodbye” more than doubles in length from its album arrangement to include nasty wah-wah and some star-destroyer guitar steam. It’s extended 3 minute outro served as the inspiration for our own high school Battle of the Bands outro.

Yeah, it’s girly. Yeah, it’s poppy. But Maroon 5 can get a jam on, too.

Sounds like: surprising

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