Song Review - Hello - Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette


This song touches me on a level that it probably shouldn’t.

The time I spent Down Under happened to be the 1st semester of the Australian academic year. Australians being who/what/why they are, I and the other Americans at the College were classified as “freshers” (freshmen), despite all of us being 21 years old.

This was obviously for purposes of initiation. I’ll leave the hazing details for myself and my notebook, but let’s just say living in Australia for 5 months gave me more of an insight into fraternity/sorority psychology than I bargained for.

Among many other College traditions, there was a song dedicated to each fresher class. “Hello” by Martin Solveig was ours. I must say, it was a damn good pick.

The people acting as the “rush chairs” (in everything but name, I assure you) would, at almost every all-college social occasion, manage to graft this song onto whatever stereo and playlist happened to be in house, and perform a certain hilarious dance, with many such topical enhancements as motorboating and copious thrusting.

The highlight for me was to see, as the music usually obscured the vernacular, the President of the College walk among dancers and on cue recite — in his best imitation of the College Warden chastising a group of College women he caught streaking — the phrase, “16th century sluts!” Does it get any better than that?

Sounds like: boxed wine, humidity, spiders with their own lawn chairs, short shorts.

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