In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 - Coheed and Cambria


You could call Coheed and Cambria many things: indulgent; opulent; dense. All are just. But it would be equally as unjust to say that they lack ambition. It’s special enough to write a few great rock albums. What’s more impressive is writing them in response to a sci-fi comic series also of your own creation.

3 is a sprawling, echoy ballroom filled with bizarre screaming samples, some of the more engaging percussion of the last two decades, and enough falsetto to make Thom Yorke blush.

Of course you’ve got your fill of lush, alto-prog: the title track stretches over eight glorious minutes, and there are three total tracks in the series known as “The Velorium Camper”.

Silent Earth isn’t just prog noodling, no sir. “Blood Red Summer” is a joyful little pop ditty, the last two minutes of “The Crowing” are an exaltation triumphant, and “A Favor House Atlantic” sticks out in my memory for having its music video remain on MTV for a good number of weeks. You can rock here, folks.

I most fondly remember listening to this album late on hot Omaha summer nights in high school. Just me, the searing Omaha humidity and Claudio Sanchez’s best imitation of a canary-velociraptor mix.

This album came out ten years ago. Where did that go?

Sounds like: coo coo cachoo, daggers and shadows, comic-book revenge, distant stars

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