Living Well Is The Best Revenge - Midtown


As contrasted from my earlier Midtown review, Living Well Is The Best Revenge was more of a breakup album for me.

I think most people need an album like this. To channel negative emotions is healthy to some degree, as long as you don’t go on brooding to excess. I listened to this album pretty heavily in that breakup period, and haven’t really listened to it much since then. That said, it did serve its purpose well.

It provides the requisite recipe for post-breakup success: 1 part teen angst, 1 part fuck you, 1 part rock ‘n’ roll, 1 part pop choruses, 1 part hit the gym/lawyer up. Use until symptoms abate, but not more than 3 doses in a 24 hours period.

Sounds like: “fuck bitches, get money" (it's metaphor, relax)

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