One Hot Minute - Red Hot Chili Peppers


One Hot Minute is in the unfortunate position of both being critically panned and publicly unknown. This reputation is entirely unjust and rests, I think, on the fact that Dave Navarro was the one-off guitarist, making the whole experience…weird.

“Aeroplane” is the one palatable single that — amazingly! — still makes radio play some 18 years later. In the balance, this is redeeming, because it’s a damn great song.

In the scheme of Chili Peppers albums, this one comes from a darker place. This isn’t the Freaky Styley happy-party-funk, and it isn’t the sex-romp of Blood Sugar Sex Magik. It sounds more like relapse and tragedy. It’s sentimental and its fucked up.

Sounds like: tears, psychedelic guitar wails

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