Transitions - Arts The Beatdoctor


There are albums to lay in bed to, there are albums to get in bed to, there are albums to run to, there are albums to rage to.

In the simplest terms, Arts The Beatdoctor’s “Transitions” is the “night driving” album par excellence.

Put me in the driver’s seat, with a 5-speed in my hand and a cutie in the seat beside me, throw this bad boy on the stereo and I’ll drive us across the state.

I don’t want to call it soothing, but it’s in that realm. Not some soft-rock bullshit, but more like ringing cymbals, tasty running basslines and bouncy electric piano. Somewhat like a less happy, more electronic Percy Hill. Jazz-hop, I’ll call it. And it really is both. There are a few nice verses, and plenty (really, a good deal) of jazz influences on this. You don’t make a record like this without knowing the good stuff.

I would be shocked if there isn’t a night driving sequence in some film or a car commercial out there that has used songs from this album; I find its character to be that blatant.

Sounds like: shadows from highway lights

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