Final Projects - is this really happening?


Well, the time has come. This is it. Dev Bootcamp, Phase 3, Week 3. Which means only one thing: final projects.

It's been quite the journey, yeah, and we're not out yet. We've still got to build this thing, and get out alive. Hopefully in that order.

But what is it we're building? I'm glad you asked.

Quickbits is a peer-to-peer in-browser file sharing solution using HTML5, JavaScript, and the shiny new WebRTC protocol. The idea behind Quickbits is simple, fast file transfer between you and someone you know. This is not Bittorrent, it isn't KaZaA, it isn't Rapidshare. More to the point, we're trying to solve this problem with modern technologies:

file transfer

I'm feeling a lot of things at the moment, but mostly I'm excited. I came to Dev Bootcamp with a list of a few things that interested me and a profound fear that when the time came I wouldn't have a final project idea to pitch. What's amazing is that by some stroke of luck the fear and curiosity have converged!

As the team -- Chirag Tailor, Nathan Hadlock, Jake Koten, Kent Carmine and myself -- works to build Quickbits by our Friday deadline, I plan to blog a bit about what we'll face, cataloging issues, triumphs, and group milestones along with what worked and what didn't.

We're progressing quickly, and by our current schedule we plan to have a working beta out and deployed to production on Monday, so we'll be looking for testers and users at that time.

Until that time, feel free to check out the rapidly-evolving source.

Look for another post tomorrow on some of the issues we've faced thus far.