On Thursday I got the chance to speak with two excellent gentlemen in the software community: Ashish Dixit and Corey Haines.

We were at Dev Bootcamp to hear Ashish recount his experience and wisdom learned in the process of becoming a junior developer at Groupon. For the DBC crowd, it was illuminating to hear the strategies used by someone (relatively) closer to our own level of experience.

Afterword, I introduced myself to Corey and Ashish and the three of us continued along the lines of Ashish's talk. My takeaway from that conversation has been that I need to focus down to one or two key genres/areas/technologies and work to get good at those things specifically.

I'm anxious about this realization, especially in the concrete form as put by Corey and Ashish. There are so many things that I want to learn, such that I feel torn as to which I will want to be doing for the next N months or years.

My limited knowledge touches mainly on the Ruby and JavaScript worlds, and I love them both.

Which technology -- and more importantly: which community -- is worth sinking my limited cycles into?