What I'm reading 10/26-11/02


Librarian of Congress grants limited DRM-breaking rights for cars, games, phones, tablets, and remixers - Cory Doctorow

  1. "Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibits tampering with, weakening or removing digital locks, even when you're doing so for a lawful purpose. But every three years, the Copyright Office lets individuals and nonprofits square off against some of the best-funded companies in the world in order to argue that you should be able to do lawful things with your lawful property."

On Tinder, Off Sex - Ali Rachel Pearl

  1. From Tory Clark

  2. "Except we never have sex. And we never fall in love. We fall into almost love and then life takes us away from each other."

The Emma Goldman Papers

  1. "On August 13, 1915, the Portland case against EG (for speaking about birth control) was dismissed in court by Circuit Judge Gatens, quoted as saying, 'There is too much tendency to prudery nowadays. We are shocked to hear things uttered that we are familiar with in our everyday life.'"

Vintage East Village - Ken Schles

  1. "A couple kissing on 14th Street, November 1983."

Why Middle-Class Americans Can't Afford to Live in Liberal Cities - Derek Thompson

  1. From Brandon Hirdler

  2. "There is a deep literature tying liberal residents to illiberal housing policies that create affordability crunches for the middle class."

Do one thing… - Mike Loukides

  1. "Whether it's Skype, Twitter, Google Docs, Flickr, or something else, everything seems to be converging into a single application that doesn't do anything well, but does everything poorly."

  2. "I don't want anyone's walled garden. I've seen what's inside the walls, and it isn't a palace; it's a tenement."

The Dream Of Being Better - Alex Balk

  1. "Eventually the dawn breaks, you haven't slept in hours, and you understand the only way to have kept yourself from all the heartless, hurtful acts you've spent your selfish life committing would be to have never been born in the first place."