What I'm reading 12/7-12/14


The Lessons of Bygone Free-Speech Fights - Conor Friedersdorf

  1. "The same laws or regulations used to silence bigots can be used to silence you."

  2. "20 years ago, opponents of speech codes warned that those with the impulse to suppress any speech were putting us on a slippery slope, that core, protected speech would inevitably be punished or chilled. Today's campus-speech battles suggest they were correct."

Romain Slocombe: City of Broken Dolls - ASX

  1. "'My work's not only about my obsession with Japanese women, it's about medical fetishism and my fascination with accidents.'"

Bret Easton Ellis on Living in the Cult of Likability - Bret Easton Ellis

  1. "That's the real crime being perpetrated by the reputation culture: stamping out passion; stamping out the individual."

  2. "Ultimately, the reputation economy is about making money. It urges us to conform to the blandness of corporate culture and makes us react defensively by varnishing our imperfect self so we can sell and be sold things."

Jacob Appelbaum at Aaron Swartz Day 2015 - Lisa Rein

  1. "Part of what Aaron carried was an understanding that it wasn't just that something needed to be done. He carried with him the idea that very specific things needed to happen, and for very good reasons, to benefit all of those alive and all of those yet to live."

  2. "Today, he would’ve been 29. Use your time wisely. May you have more time than him, and may you use it as wisely as he did."

Brassai Interviews Pablo Picasso: An excerpt from 'Conversations with Picasso' - ASX

  1. "If I were to sign it now, I'd be committing forgery. I’d be putting my 1943 signature on a canvas painted in 1922. No, I cannot sign it, madam, I'm sorry."

  2. "And the name a person bears or adopts has its importance."

  3. "That was a good idea of yours to chop up the female body that way. The details are always exciting."

  4. "Venus is replaced by the Virgin, but the same life goes on."

Michigan State's harrowing, Himalayan journey to the top of the Big Ten's last undefeated summit - Spencer Hall

  1. "On day three, Young Connor threw the minifridge several thousand feet off the south face of the mountain. I hailed this as a great display of leadership. The men agreed."

Dash Snow: Polaroids - ASX

  1. "Dash Snow originally started taking photos when he was a teenager."

The Ultimate Trip: 100 rare behind-the-scenes photos from Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' - One Perfect Shot

  1. "I always counter this notion with the fact that 2001 looks way better than the crappy moon landing footage; if Kubrick had directed that shit, it would be beautiful."

DevOps and the Myth of Efficiency, Part I - Christian Posta

  1. "Bad behavior arises when you abstract people away from the consequences of their actions."

National Front Gets a Boost in French Regional Elections - Alissa J. Rubin

  1. "The National Front not only came in first in the popular vote on Sunday with 28 percent of votes cast nationwide, it was leading races to govern six of France’s 13 regions, decisively in at least two."

MIT Sophomore Arrested at Logan For Wearing LED Device - Angeline Wang

  1. "She 'said it was a piece of art,' Margolis said, and 'refused to answer any more questions.'"