What I'm reading 2/1-2/8


Snowden's Chronicler Reveals Her Own Life Under Surveillance - Andy Greenberg

  1. "'I haven't written in over a year for fear these words are not private,' are the journal's first words. 'That nothing in my life can be kept private.'"

  2. "The stress becomes visceral: She writes that she feels like she's 'underwater' and that she can hear the blood rushing through her body. 'I am battling with my nervous system,' she writes. 'It doesn't let me rest or sleep. Eye twitches, clenched throat, and now literally waiting to be raided.'"

Warning: A Column on Butt Play - Maureen O'Connor

  1. "When a man puts the most delicate part of his body (penis) between the sharpest parts of mine (teeth), he maintains the belief that he is dominant—even though I'm the one who could, with a few purposeful chomps, remove him from the gene pool."

  2. Thanks to Brandon Hirdler for the article

Henry Rollins: Fuck Suicide

  1. "I have life by the neck and drag it along. Rarely does it move fast enough. Raw Power forever."

A Badass Way to Connect Programs Together - Joe Armstrong

  1. "Session based TCP programs are trivial to write in Erlang but a bugger in any sequential language."

  2. "[UDP] is wonderful news for systems like Node.js whose concurrency model is non-existent and whose idea of having a fun time is throwing promises into the future and hoping that nobody breaks them."

The Beggar CEO and Sucker Culture - Erik Dietrich

  1. "Sucker culture is the race to the bottom that's created where advancement within the company is predicated upon offering free labor."

  2. "She looks at Amazon's tough culture, movies and shows about startups, and her own, over-glorified past, and thinks that she's no longer one of the cool kids where people live to work."

  3. "The real problem isn't Victoria, and it isn't sucker culture itself — it's the fact that going home after 8 hours is the new original sin."

Bored People Quit - Rands

  1. "Boredom is easier to fix than an absence of belief."