What I'm reading 3/7-3/14


Data Is a Toxic Asset - Bruce Schneier

  1. "Saving it is dangerous because it's highly personal. Location data reveals where we live, where we work, and how we spend our time. If we all have a location tracker like a smartphone, correlating data reveals who we spend our time with­ – including who we spend the night with."

  2. "Always it's personal information about us, information that we shared with the expectation that the recipients would keep it secret. And in every case, they did not."

  3. "The phrase "big data" refers to the idea that large databases of seemingly random data about people is valuable."


  1. "From 1971-1981, John Banasiak photographed Chicago and surrounding areas at night."

Presser in FL: Donald Trump Is Not A Leader - Marco Rubio

  1. "And I get it: people are frustrated at the direction of our country. But leaders cannot say whatever they want, because words have consequences. They lead to actions that others take."

  2. "And when the person you're supporting for president is going around saying things like, 'go ahead and slap 'em around, I'll pay your legal fees', what do you think is going to happen next?"

  3. "This boiling point that we have now reached has been fed largely by the fact that we have a front runner in my party who has fed into language that basically justifies physically assaulting people that disagree with you."

  4. "We are being ripped apart at the seams now."

Instaparse - Mark Englelberg

  1. I used Instaparse to write a log parser in an afternoon. It was an enjoyable experience and ended up being less than 100 lines of code.

  2. "What if context-free grammars were as easy to use as regular expressions?"

Trackers - Jacques Mattheij

  1. "Some of the more enterprising trackers took down the stuff the newspaper guy told them about me in their own little black books and soon were auctioning that information off to other trackers and in fact to anybody that was willing to part with some money."

Why Are We Fighting the Crypto Wars Again? - Steven Levy

  1. "Through a 227-year-old statute called the All Writs Act, the US essentially is demanding that Apple write new software that will make it easier for the government to break the code."