What I'm reading 5/2-5/9


Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, The Art of Translation No. 4 - Interviewed by Susannah Hunnewell

  1. "I love words. I love my dictionaries. I literally love what I am doing. And there is this feeling of having a mission. I cherish the thought that we supply something that has not been done."

  2. "And I taught myself Italian in order to read Dante."

  3. "And I said, Smooth translations slide smoothly into oblivion."

  4. "Machines don't have a worldview."

FBI Harassment - isis agora lovecruft

  1. "If you're going to get arrested, you might as well look good and smile your brightest while doing so."

Exploring the Wasteland with Fine Artist V Holeček - Elizabeth Hobson

  1. "They all want a lot of the same things; which is to be able to tell you what you're allowed to say, do, or enjoy. The person who wants to rule the world and the person who wants to save it are all too often one-in-the-same."

  2. "They're not buying what they think will go with the drapes. They are all over the board. This has taught me never to presume too much about a person."

Why Spinoza still matters - Steven Nadler

  1. "Spinoza's philosophy is founded upon a rejection of the God that informs the Abrahamic religions."

  2. "In Spinoza we can find inspiration for resistance to oppressive authority and a role model for intellectual opposition to those who, through the encouragement of irrational beliefs and the maintenance of ignorance, try to get citizens to act contrary to their own best interests."

'I Just Don't Find American Literature Interesting': Lit-Blog Pioneer Jessa Crispin Closes Bookslut, Does Not Bite Tongue - Boris Kachka

  1. "There's always space to do whatever you want. You won't get as much attention, but fuck attention. Fight for integrity."

Dead-Simple Dependency Injection - Rúnar Óli Bjarnason

  1. "Inversion of control is really just a pretentious way of saying 'Taking an argument.'"

The Fall of Hacker Groups - Strauss

  1. "We are tormented by a relentless flow of information as well as the daily worries of an eternally insecure, unwarranted life. Furthermore, we dread the thought of being alike, of sharing multiple views and opinions. As such, we are turning progressively judgemental of who we should be partnering with, on the basis that 'they do not understand'."

  2. "Communities, rather than individuals, should be more intellectually empowered to create, but lately we have been watching the force of the solo, the age of the ego."

ScalaZ - Getting to grips with the Free Monad - Rob Povey

  1. "The idea of the Free Monad is simple enough, you build an AST, and provide one or more interpreters over the AST, so lets start with some code, I figured a basic stack based language was a good place to start."

WhatsApp, Used by 100 Million Brazilians, Was Shut Down Nationwide by a Single Judge - Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Fishman

  1. "An estimated 91 percent of Brazilian mobile users nationwide — more than 100 million individuals — use WhatsApp to communicate with one another for free (it has 900 million active daily users around the world)."

IO List - Andy Till

  1. "Use deeply nested lists of integers and binaries to represent IO data to avoid copying when concatenating strings or binaries."

  2. "They are efficient even when combining large amounts of data."