What I'm reading 6/13-6/20


Facebook is wrong, text is deathless - Tim Carmody

  1. "Bet for better video, bet for better speech, bet for better things we can't imagine – but if you bet against text, you will lose."

  2. "Text is surprisingly resilient. It's cheap, it's flexible, it's discreet. Human brains process it absurdly well considering there's nothing really built-in for it."

The Nigel Farage Show - Bagehot

  1. "The referendum has been marked by a pin-striped nihilism dressed up as common sense."

  2. "To some extent the referendum has revealed things that were already present: the growing void between cosmopolitan and nativist parts of the country, the diminishing faith in politics, the rise of populism, the inadequacy of the left-right partisan spectrum in an age when open-closed is a more salient divide."

The Forest for the Trees - isis agora lovecruft

  1. "Personally, I would be completely ecstatic if Jake decided to move to Alaska."

  2. "Additionally, we would likely have had more diverse contributors to Tor, if we had dealt with Jake sooner, since, for years, many people have been warned about Jake through a whisper network and disuaded from becoming involved."

  3. "I have spoken personally with every person whose story was published in the original set on the anonymous site. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that each of them is true."

Evil tip: avoid "easy" things - Yossi Kreinin

  1. "Failing at easy things is shameful; succeeding is unremarkable."

The German School of Lisp - Fogus

  1. "Fluchtpunkt Lisps skirt the vanishing point between theory, practicality, and art."

  2. "I suppose the fundamental philosophy of newLISP is to not necessarily provide everything, but to make everything possible."

  3. "The core types provided by Pico Lisp are numbers, symbols, and lists."

Living with yaks - Chas Emerick

  1. "We all struggle with whether we did good work yesterday, whether what we're working on now is what we want to be working on, and whether it's a stop on our path to something else, or a place where we might rest for a while."

  2. "All of this was done in order to do other things."

  3. "These computers we pound and tap on are things of our own creation: we choose our own legacy through our use and abuse of them."

All the lonely people - André Picard

  1. "Being lonely also has stigma attached to it: it's often associated with having poor social skills or being odd. We look upon those who are reaching out to make a connection with suspicion. How often have you heard: "How can I meet people?" For most, the answer to that question is not Tinder or Grindr."

  2. "Yet, we underfund and devalue places that bring us together like libraries, parks, recreation centres and community gardens."

The Story of Haskell at IMVU - Chad Austin

  1. "In fact, one weekend, Andy went home with the explicit goal of proving that Haskell was stupid and not good for writing production software. He came back on Monday glowing."

  2. "We learned two things: teaching Haskell was a nontrivial problem. BUT, Haskell newcomers hacking on the codebase only caused one regression, and that regression actually exposed a bug in some of our infrastructure."

  3. "From my perspective it was kind of a weird experience. Highly-skilled people that I respect just got really angry and irrational and basically refused to even try to learn Haskell, which resulted in a culture divide in the company."