What I'm reading 6/20-6/27


Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions - Glenn Greenwald

  1. "Elite denunciations of the right-wing parties of Europe fall on deaf ears. Elites can't stop, or even affect, any of these movements because they are, at bottom, revolts against their wisdom, authority, and virtue."

  2. "The solution is not to subserviently cling to corrupt elite institutions out of fear of the alternatives. It is, instead, to help bury those institutions and their elite mavens and then fight for superior replacements."

  3. "Even more important, the mechanism that Western citizens are expected to use to express and rectify dissatisfaction — elections — has largely ceased to serve any corrective function."

G.L.O.S.S.' New Record, 'Trans Day of Revenge,' Is a Case for Righteous Queer Rage - Kelton Sears

  1. "Rather than trying to prove their humanity to those who won't accept or even try to understand it, in the face of repeated violence, they wield a knife and say "Try me." Rather than ask for a safe space, they demand it, and make space unsafe for those who would dare harm the community."

  2. "On a cultural level, toxic masculinity has poisoned our nation's men, conditioning them to dominate and destroy everything considered feminine."

Don't scar on the first cut - Jason Fried

  1. "No one sets out to create a bureaucracy. They sneak up on companies slowly."

Gareth McConnell: Towing the Slow boat to Thasos - Brad Feuerhelm

  1. "Great things would be expected of him."

  2. "He noticed a young couple in the water below. They seemed oblivious to his presence. He watched them embrace in the cool waters below, their silhouetted shapes difficult to see in the haze of the bright sun."

No one asked me, but here are my thoughts on the tragedy of the Brexit vote - Vincent Bevins

  1. "If we want to move forward productively from these historical shocks (and please, let's try to do that), rich world urban dickheads (like me) need to recognize that they are not the only people on the planet with views worth listening to."

  2. "Can we really sustainably create a media structure that only hires kids from top universities (and, moreover, those prick graduates that can basically afford to work for free for the first 5-10 years) who are totally ignorant of regular people, if not outright disdainful of them?"

What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL - Geoff Wozniak

  1. "By moving away from thinking of the objects in my application as something to be stored in a database (the raison d'être for ORMs) and instead thinking of the database as a (large and complex) data type, I've found working with a database from an application to be much simpler."

  2. "My contention with ORMs is that, if you need to know SQL, just use SQL since it prevents the need to know how non-SQL gets translated to SQL."