What I'm reading 6/27-7/4


The Moral Economy of Tech - Maciej Cegłowski

  1. "I am very suspicious of attempts to change the world that can't first work on a local scale."

  2. "But opting out of surveillance capitalism is like opting out of electricity, or cooked foods—you are free to do it in theory. In practice, it will upend your life."

  3. "Machine learning is like money laundering for bias."

  4. "We pretend that by maximizing our convenience and productivity, we're hastening the day when we finally make life better for all those other people."

Zero Tolerance: Censored by the Left - Alice Dreger

  1. "This "zero tolerance" approach on the left is like some kind of Monty Python satire of activism. It would be funny if it did not lead to the right pointing out how the left isn't actually thinking, it's just playing a game of identity politics go fish. Who has the most oppression cards? They win!"

Waiting for Gödel - Siobahn Roberts

  1. "'A set is a Many that allows itself to be thought of as a One,' Cantor said."

The Hunt for the Death Valley Germans - Tom Mahood

  1. "I believe there are sometimes situations in which individuals can end up finding themselves in great peril without making grossly bad decisions. Fortunately it doesn't happen often, but I think it does happen."

  2. "Les had put on an RMRU tee shirt and I had put on an RMRU cap in an attempt to show were weren't just your average wankers coming out of the desert (even though, in fact, we were)."

  3. "At this point they entered into a survival situation, but may not have fully appreciated that fact."

The Tyranny of the Clock - Ivan Sutherland

  1. "Each increase in the relative cost of communication over logic brings us closer to the fundamental physical truth that 'simultaneous' lacks meaning."

  2. "As transistors and wires get smaller, the area over which one can deliver a clock signal 'simultaneously' becomes smaller and thus the number of "clock zones" must increase."

  3. "Like all tyranny, the tyranny of the clock stems from the range over which we choose to subject ourselves to the tyrantʼs authority."

Process registry in Elixir: A practical example - Brian Thomas Storti

  1. "Be careful when dealing with pids directly, as they will change when a process is restarted and you may be holding a dead one;"

  2. "Solving this issue should not be too hard, though. We will make our registry monitor all the processes it is taking care of, and when one of them crashes, we can safely remove it from our Map."

Why OO Sucks - Joe Armstrong

  1. "If a language technology is so bad that it creates a new industry to solve problems of its own making then it must be a good idea for the guys who want to make money."

  2. "In an OOPL data type definitions belong to objects. So I can't find all the data type definition in one place. In Erlang or C I can define all my data types in a single include file or data dictionary. In an OOPL I can't - the data type definitions are spread out all over the place."

Healthcare.gov and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality - Clay Shirky

  1. "The mismatch between technical competence and executive authority is at least as bad in government now as it was in media companies in the 1990s, but with much more at stake."

  2. "If there is no room for learning by doing, early mistakes will resist correction. If the people with real technical knowledge can't deliver bad news up the chain, potential failures get embedded rather than uprooted as the work goes on."

  3. "Every time there was a chance to create some sort of public experimentation, or even just some clarity about its methods and goals, the imperative was to avoid giving the opposition anything to criticize."