What I'm reading 7/18-7/25


How to Reformat Reality - akira

  1. "'Change the world,' the Bay choir sings, 'by increasing advertising impressions.'"

  2. "The Agency betrayed the trust of Americans, so Ed simply returned the favor."

  3. "The Church could not send a cloud of drones to the Middle East. The Pope did not have eyes on every street, nor ears in every pocket."

The Bandwagon - Claude E. Shannon

  1. "Seldom do more than a few of nature's secrets give way at one time."

  2. "It will be all too easy for our somewhat artificial prosperity to collapse overnight when it is realized that the use of a few exciting words like information, entropy, redundancy, do not solve all our problems."

Pinboard Turns Seven - Maciej Cegłowski

  1. "I've added revenue this year because I'm no longer afraid of competitors, and I'd like to encourage people who are considering doing their own one- or zero-person business."