Three themes for 2020


I have three themes I want to work on this year. This isn't a new year's resolution, because I don't really believe that those are sustainable. These are broader themes with less specific goals, which hopefully lend themselves easier to adaptation. These are self-improvement themes. There are other things I want to work on, like being a better teammate at work and being more on-top of my finances, but I'm not grouping those here.

The first theme is art. I want to make more plotter drawings. I want to learn more about the GPU. I want to learn more graphics math, and work through

The second theme is writing. I want to write more. I will consider myself successful at this theme if I can increase the volume of words on this blog materially. A corresponding increase in quality would be nice but I'll focus on volume and hope that quality follows. Longer pieces would be nice, but longer pieces have a tendency to drag out, and I'm more inclined to lower the barrier to publishing something than I am to raise it. I'm guessing a focus on writing will require a cofocus on better reading.

The third theme is physical improvement. I don't have specific weight or strength or endurance goals. I want to ride my bike more, both for fun and to commute. I want to climb harder routes. I can climb most V4s and the occasional V5. I think more regular V5s, a V6 or two, and maybe even a V7 are attainable. I want to go from 6-7 hours of regular sleep to 7-8, and maybe 9 a few times a week. I am a person for whom sleep materially affects my mood and productivity, so this may turn out to be the biggest change, but I also like to stay up late, so it may also be the most difficult. I'd like to eat better. Right now I eat pretty ad hoc, so this goal is small rather than drastic like going vegetarian or something. I'll settle for less fried things, less soda, and more regular breakfasts even if I do nothing more.